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 Cosy Kitchen

Our Chemical-Free Philosophy

Here at Pure Living, we know how important environments are and the crucial role they play in your mental, physical and emotional health; and we don't just believe in this stuff, we know it to be true... 

It all started when Candace Rhoades, the owner of Pure Living, formerly known as Conceriege Girls, was introduced to Young Living essential oils. This newfound way of living completely changed her and her family's lives including her nephew with aspergers. That's when she made an eco-resolution to do right by her, her family, and her clients. She started implementing her Young Living cleaning products in her clients' homes without telling them about her new cleaning supply line. Client after client experienced positive change. Some recognized that she used different products and told her to continue what she's doing, while others were noticeably more upbeat and thriving in their day-to-day lives. 


Candace has since become an even bigger advocate for green cleaning and that's when Pure Living was born - an all-natural, chemical-free cleaning company that's completely powered and operated on plants! 

Cleaning the Counter

Our Services


Residential & Office

We offer a build your own service package to fit any of your needs; from organizing your closets to cleaning your vacation rental. With our build your own service package you tell us what you need and how frequently you need it. 


Event Cleaning

Have a private event coming up and want to impress your guests with the cleanliness of your venue? Here at Pure Living Cleaning Company, we offer pre and post-event cleaning to give you and your guests peace of mind in these uncertain times.


New Construction

Yes, we really are a do-it-all cleaning company and experienced in the new construction cleaning industry and our prices run by the square footage. Call us today to learn more!

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Image by Patrick Perkins

C L I E N T  L O V E

“Candace is a godsend! I searched for months to find a good cleaning service that was not toxic to my pets. Highly recommend” 

—  Jessica in Hudson

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